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Setsu Takishima



Kanji 滝島 雪
Romaji Takushima Setsu
Age 18
Height 177cm
Gender Male
Personal Status
Status Alive
Era Taisho Era
Race Human
Voice Actors
Japanese Mitsuhiro Ichiki
First Appearances
Anime Episode 2
Manga Chapter 1

Setsu Takishima (滝島 雪 Takishima Setsu) is Natsuhiko's assistant and is an extreme masochist.

Appearance Edit

Setsu is a young man with dirt blonde, red-brown streaked hair tied into a braid and brown eyes. Setsu has a scar on the bridge of his nose and, like Natsuhiko, he also wears an earphone on one side, which is used for communication.

Personality Edit

Setsu is shown to be an extreme masochist.